Protection Helmet for Electricians, DIN EN 50635

Protection Helmet for Electricians
shatterproof plastic material to -20°C,
with water rail and device for ear- and faceprotection,
6 point inside ribbon adjustable to head,
3 different colours
No. Farbe DIN g 1000 V
420198 red DIN EN 50365 / 397 325 CE
420297 yellow DIN EN 50365 / 397 325 CE
420396 white DIN EN 50365 / 397 325 CE
Leather Chin Strap

VDE Protection Helmet with integrated Visor

Protection helmet with integrated visor
working AC 1000 V and -30°C,
Class I: Arc 4000 A/0,5 sec.
device for earprotection,
visor antiscratch/antifog,
6 point belts adjustable to head size,
including protection bag.
No. Color Size Norm g 1000 V
412018 white 53 - 62 cm
DIN EN 50365 / 397 736 VDE GS CE

Electrician’s Visor with Chin and Neck Protection for Live Working 1000V

Electrician’s Visor with Chin and Neck Protection
According to DIN EN 166/170 and GS-ET29
(protection against electric arc class 0)
Short circuit max. 7KA - 0.5s (class 2),
visor made of polycarbonate, anti-fog,
with luminous transmittance VLT (D65) ≥ 75%,
used in combination with industrial hard hats
No. DIN gegrüft g 1000 V
422130 DIN EN 166 / 170 + GS-ET 29 434 eins

Eye and Face Protection

Eye and Face Protection
1.5 mm visor,
to use in connection with our helmet No. 420
No. Type g 1000 V
422154 standard 220
422161 anti-fog 220 eins

Head and Face Protection

Head and Face Protection

with 1.5 mm screen, adjustable to head,
can only be used without protection helmet.

No. DIN geprüft g  
421157 DIN EN 166
267 CE

Protection Glasses

Eye Protection Glasses
fits well by adjusting length and incline to head,
with fixed protection sidewise and on top,
plastic material acetat
No. Glasses Nose Distance g
423007 clear
18 mm

Glasses Case

Case for Glasses
hard shell with hinge fitting seal
No. g
423038 70