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Testing piece by piece

Insulated tools according to VDE / EN 60900 are made of the most suitable materials. Regardless of the prescribed criteria we use our expertise as a tool manufacturer for additional security for the tools to be isolated.

Voltage test

Identation test

Adhesion test of the insulation

Safety-tested piece by piece, tested at 10.000 V approved for 1.000 volts. This means 10-fold safety factor.


Load of 20 N. At 70° C must be no breakdown when a voltage of 5.000 V AC is examined.


The adhesion of the PVC coating with 500 N or 50 N, after storage of 168 hours and 70° C.


Product labeling

The insulation of the tools tested according to IEC 60900 are marked with the current standard marking.


IEC 60900

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Insulated tools according to VDE / EN 60900


VDE stripping knife with plastic handle made of stainless steel

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