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Insulated tools for live work

Power tools according to IEC EN 60900 with multi-layer safety dip insulation.

Insulated tools according to VDE / EN 60900 are made from the most suitable materials. Regardless of the prescribed test criteria, we use our know-how as a tool manufacturer for additional safety with the tools to be insulated, i.e. individually tested safety, tested with 10,000 V, approved for 1000 V. That means 10 times the security.

VDE stripping knife with plastic handle made of stainless steel

Protective function for your increased safety!

If the outer insulation layer is damaged, the color contrast with the inner protective insulation creates a visual warning signal. This tool may then no longer be used for work under tension!


Our service: PVC dip coatings in contract work


We refine or protect your products with our PVC coatings.